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Women who fight for Peace say: “Hands Off Venezuela. No to an imperialist intervention against the sister nation!”

Comisiones de Mujer, Género y Diversidad Valle y Cali

Under the imminent threat of an US imperialist intervention in Venezuelan territory, with the help and complicity of Ivan Duque's oligarchic government, today more than ever, any expression of solidarity with Venezuela is of extreme importance.

With the new reconfiguration of capitalist accumulation, result of the structural ongoing crisis of capitalism that began in 2007-08, the United States, in a desperate attempt to maintain its economic-political-ideological-cultural dominance in its geostrategic resources zone (Latin America and the Caribbean), threatens, under the pretext of humanitarian aid, to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro and put its puppet, Juan Guaidó, in the presidency, against the sovereign will of the people who elected Maduro in legitimate constitutional elections.

Venezuela, beyond being a country with strategic natural resources for capitalist development, today represents in Latin America the possibility of a societal alternative that places life and humanity at the center rather than profit. The process of the Bolivarian Revolution, with all its difficulties and contradictions, has given the Venezuelan people the possibility of glimpsing its definitive independence, self-determination and sovereignty. The process of the Beautiful Revolution (Revolución Bonita), which began with Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and is today implemented by worker President Nicolás Maduro Moros, shows us that, as the Liberator Simón Bolívar said: "The freedom of the new world is the hope of the universe."

The Bolivarian Revolution, which is called feminist, recognizing and assuming the historical struggle of women's movements in Venezuela, has taken on the issue of women as central to its political visibility.

In addition to the real participation and prominence that many women play in the institutional and non-institutional spaces, it makes reference to the fact that women are the hard core of the social base that drives the Bolivarian processes.

From the conquests embodied in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in 1999, the use of an inclusive and non-sexist language has been incorporated; the recognition of the work of housewives as a work generating value and wealth for the country and whose social security must be recognized; Constitutional status is conferred on treaties signed by the nation on Human Rights, such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women; the protection of motherhood and the family is recognized, Humanized Birth becomes public policy, an official norm has been approved for the comprehensive care of sexual and reproductive health, are some of the changes.

In the legislative sphere, one of the most significant achievements is the Comprehensive Labor and Workers Law, in which specific aspects were achieved, such as maternity extension; the labor immovability for parents; the permanent immobility for fathers and mothers of people with disabilities with a high level of dependency; likewise for the first time the issue of sexual abuse at work was incorporated.

Another important legislative conquest is the Organic Law for the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence (2007), which recognizes 19 forms of violence and also recently (2014), incorporates feminicide and the induction to suicide.

All this has allowed the advance of a set of public policies in the administration of justice, as well as specialized courts and specialized prosecutors have begun to form. Likewise training processes for justice administrators in various instances have been launched.

Although we know that enunciating issues and creating mechanisms does not necessarily translate automatically into the implementation of concrete actions that imply an improvement in the lives of women, we see with great relevance, importance and necessity the qualitative leap that Venezuela has made in what concerns rights of working women, especially in times of resistance to the neo-conservative and neo-fascist wave that is taking place in the region.

So, regardless of the differences that the groups on the left have with the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, we must position ourselves against the war, for Peace with Social Justice and Equality. Venezuela is resistance! Venezuela is Revolution!

And, in Colombia, where there is a stateless government, a lackey of imperialism, and yet a people with a desire for peace and social justice, social mobilization is urgent in all the regions to loudly shout that Colombia is no longer a territory of war, but of peace and that the Yankees cannot count on us for their criminal plans. Because here there is a people that is respected and has opted to take the path of peace with social justice.


Let’s speak up in solidarity with Venezuela!

Yankees go home! Hands off Venezuela!

For Peace everything, for War nothing!

We shall win!

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