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National Council of the People

The National Council of the People, the highest level of leadership of the People’s Revolutionary Alternative Force  (FARC), summoned in an emergency by the party president, to analyze the serious security situation that affects our militancy as a whole, and that has already claimed the life of 133 former guerrillas, of 34 of their relatives as well as 11 disappeared, who join the more than 600 compatriots murdered for their leadership role in their communities, in addition to the constant threats that circulate in the territories and the displacement of thousands of compatriots, declares:

  1. These systematic assassinations constitute a clear violation of the Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace; and, therefore, they are the responsibility of the State and the government, which constitutionally are in the obligation to guarantee the life and security of all Colombians, including the signatories of the Peace Agreement and the social leaders, as it is stated in point 3.4 of the Agreement.
  2. The explanations that we have heard so far from government officials, and the reports published by the Attorney General's Office, in which cold figures on alleged perpetrators are presented, are unacceptable, and show no clear commitment on the part of the State to guarantee the life of all Colombians, and even less the intention to implement the policies, mechanisms and measures agreed within the Comprehensive Security Plan for the Exercise of Politics, which guarantees the non-repetition of the phenomenon of political violence that has been one of the main causes of the internal armed conflict in our country. On the contrary, what we have known is the intention to implement plans and measures that dismiss what was agreed, such as the so-called Plan de Acción Oportuna (PAO, Appropriate Action Plan).
  3. The stigmatization campaign launched against our party, its militants and leaders, from the bench of the governing party, Democratic Center, and the president himself, is also unacceptable and in some way stimulates the criminal instincts of those who tighten the triggers; and that constitutes a campaign of political persecution and harassment against those of us who are signatories of a peace treaty with the State.
  4. Given the seriousness of the situation and the prospects of its resurgence, on the occasion of the upcoming local and regional elections, we issue a call to the guarantor countries, Cuba and Norway, of the presidents Pepe Mujica and Felipe González, who make up the group of notables, as well as of the Second Mission of the United Nations Organization, whose Security Council will soon visit Colombia, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, given that our party will hardly have full guarantees of participation in said electoral process.
  5. While we reiterate our commitment to remain firm in the fulfillment of the agreement, we also call on the National Attorney's Office and the Ombudsman's Office to take action on this matter of vital importance to achieve the consolidation of a stable and lasting peace in our country.
  6. We call on all sectors of the nation to overcome indifference towards the bloodbath we are suffering; the moment demands all Colombians to take their responsibility, to avoid that the longed for peace, ends up drowned in a pool of blood. Only the most vigorous mobilization of millions of Colombians who bet on peace will be able to stop the criminal plans of those who benefit economically, politically and socially from the war.

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