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Never invisible, farewell to war!

Women, Gender and Diversities Commission - Cali y Valle del Cauca

Today, 8 March, International Working Women’s Day, women take to the streets in many countries of the world claiming the rights we have already conquered has a result of the struggle and those still to be conquered, against persistent inequalities and against violence, machismo and all forms of exploitation, domination, subordination and oppression determined by the capitalist model of production.

In Colombia it could not be different. In line with the political situation in the country, the Farian Women join with other organizations and collectives to united raise our voices, raise our flags and call on the women and men of the people to join the struggle for Peace.

The Peace Agreement between the Colombian State and the FARC-EP (now People’s Alternative and Revolutionary Force), a conquest for the whole society that suffered during the war, recognizes that women play an essential role in the prevention and overcoming the causes of social, political and economic conflicts, and in the consolidation of a stable and lasting Peace.

Thus our protagonism, leadership and equal participation must be guaranteed so that all the agreed objectives are achieved.

It also recognizes and acknowledge that war strikes women in different ways, which implies the need for measures that meet our needs and that have been established within the framework of the Final Agreement. However, the government of Iván Duque violates the Agreement and does not guarantee the necessary reforms that will allow to start the construction of peace with social justice.

We therefore demand that the Agreement be fully complied with, especially with respect to the following points:

1. Access and formalization of rural property under equal conditions.

2. Guarantee of the economic, social and cultural rights of women and people with diverse sexual identity, of the rural sector.

3. Promotion of women's political, social and community participation in spaces of representation, decision-making and conflict resolution.

4. Recognition of differential effects on women victims and establishment of prevention and protection measures that address their specific risks.

5. Access to Truth, Justice and Guarantees of No Repetition.

6. Public recognition, non stigmatization and dissemination of the work done by women as political subjects and human rights defenders.

7. Inter-institutional management for the strengthening of national and territorial women's organizations and LGBTI movements to ensure their political and social participation.

8. Disaggregated information systems.

9. International accompaniment to the Implementation.

This year we will have the opportunity to choose new administrations, within the framework of the elections to take place in each region, it is urgent to mobilize the population around the themes of Peace so they support the candidates belonging to the political and social convergence that we are building and who defend life and peace, since unity is what will allow us to advance in our emancipatory project.

It is not new that women are in a situation of profound structural inequality in relation to men.

To mention but a few: "The unemployment rate for January was 12.8%, (increase of one percentage point respect to the same period of the previous year).

The gender gap also increased to 7.1 percentage points, that is, while unemployed men are 9.8%, women are 16.9%, a worrisome figure, if we take into account that the female population in Colombia represents the majority" (DANE 2108)

Women who can and are working in the formal and/or informal market, end up doing double or triple work, since our responsibilities also include domestic work and the care of children, older adults, people with disabilities, and people with illnesses.

Just as our bodies and lives are often "worthless", since we do not have the right to decide about them, we are also not guaranteed the right to life.

In Cali, according to figures from the Security Observatory, last year, we had 22 cases of feminicide and in the course of this year we already had 2 - Lady Johana Morales (denied by the Prosecutor's Office) and Gloriseth Virgen - as well as 15 cases of violent murders of transgender women in Valle del Cauca in 2018 and the first 3 months of this year.

According to social organizations that defend LGBTI rights, there are about 12 cases of murders of this population throughout the Valle, with 5 reported cases concerning transgender women. What we see is that the State's response is not effective in eradicating these type of violence and increasingly these populations are in a situation of vulnerability for the simple fact of being who they are.

In the midst of so many objective difficulties in which women live, we are witnessing the possibility of returning to war in the continent, a situation that, as we have already mentioned, affects women most.

With the new reconfiguration of capitalist accumulation, product of the structural crisis that began from the 1970s and that has been strongly seen since 2007-08 and is still developing, the United States of North America, in a desperate attitude to maintain their economic-political-ideological-cultural domain in its geostrategic reserves zone (Latin America and the Caribbean), threaten to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro, under the pretext of "humanitarian aid”. They intend to put their puppet, Juan Guaidó, in the presidency, against the sovereign will of the people who elected Maduro in constitutional elections in 2018.

We must position ourselves against the war, wherever we are. In Colombia, where there is a stateless government, lackey of imperialism, but a people with a desire for peace and social justice, social mobilization is urgent in all regions to loudly shout that Colombia is no longer a territory of war, but of peace, and that the Yankees cannot count on us for their criminal plans.

On this 8 March, historic date of struggle and unity of the women's movement for their rights, the Farian Women, the fighters for Peace, are on the streets of Colombia calling on the whole society to continue working for peace with social justice, for the end of all the violence and oppression that women live in the capitalist - imperialist - patriarchal - racist society and for the campaign against the imperialist war and the imminent threat of aggression against the sister nation of Venezuela.

Long live the struggle of women! Long live March 8!

Long live the Farian Women!

Long live the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force! We are hope!


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