Actualidad / Pronouncement

Information stolen to FARC party militants and senator Pablo Catatumbo advisors

Consejo Político Nacional

The Political Council of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force - FARC denounce before the national and international public opinion, as well as the competent authorities, the events that took place on 9 March 2019 in the city of Bogotá where José Luis Sánchez Pantoja, Rosa Helena Rodríguez Timaná and Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernández members of the Legislative Work Unit of Senator Pablo Catatumbo; and Juan Carlos, member of the Departmental People Council Cauca and communication advisor were victims of information theft.

When they arrived home at night in the neighborhood of La Candelaria in the city center, they realised their four computers, a camera and two cell phones were stolen. These devices contained sensitive information related to legislative work and organizational aspects of the FARC Party, which can be manipulated.

The thieves did not force their way into the apartment nor objects of greater value were stolen from the house.

In addition to this episode it has to be noted that on 26 January 2019 Senator Pablo Catatumbo Torres Victoria had his computer equipment stolen at the facilities of El Dorado Airport in the city of Bogotá.

We continue to demand from the National Government, the implementation of all the instruments and measures to guarantee the protection and security of all the signatories of the Final Peace Agreement and members of the FARC party.


National Political Council

People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force - FARC

11 March 2019

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