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Violeta Narváez

How not to be outraged, if the right instrumentalizes our bodies, our history, our struggle to destroy an alternative political option?

I find it hard to avoid anger, when a comrade, Victoria Sandino, has to face all the hatred that the conservative forces can unleash.

Rape, forced abortions, sexual slavery ... “they denounce". There is no novelty in the attack. What does it matter if it is not true, if they have all the machinery to make it "true" in the collective imagination?

Before, when the war itself made us an illegal group and we did not have many platforms to express ourselves, the right said that women were forced into the FARC, that they forced us to sleep with the commanders, to abort ...

Now the farianas can say on television, radio, books, social networks, in the Congress of the Republic, that this is not the case, that the story is different and despite the efforts to silence us, they have had to listen to us and let the rest of the country listen to us.

Then they change the focus of attention. It turns out that it did not happen to all the guerrillas women, only to some of them and that the rest, those of us who are betting on peace, are "accomplices" of those atrocities committed against the others. That's what they shouted yesterday to Victoria Sandino, one of the women who has worked the most to make feminism a basic component of our party’s struggle.

To attack us, they are not capable of maintaining a political debate based on ideological differences or country vision, instead they have to resort to defame, ridicule, marginalize, and destroy, without scruple, the political opposition.

They appeal to common sense, to the sensible to manipulate, install lies as truths and hide what is in the background: that they are not interested in the autonomy of women's bodies (they are against abortion, even when legal, free and safe) - and in the FARC-EP, women could decide a different path from maternity, because, among other things, we had the contraceptive methods necessary for our planning guaranteed.

They paint themselves as spokespersons of the rights of the sexual victims, but they attack the JEP and the Truth Commission, because they know that the sexual crimes committed by the State against guerrilla and civilian women are many and rest on the impunity of a twisted judicial system.

They know that in the FARC-EP, there was a subsection (the J) in the statutes, which prohibited rape and brought the rapist (we have never denied that, in our ranks, as in the rest of society, there were cases of sexual violence) to a council of war.

They know that, unlike paramilitarism (for which they are responsible), sexual violence was neither a policy of our organization, nor a strategy of war.

They know that the only way to cover up their corruption scandals and their non-compliance with state commitments to peace is to create smokescreens that delegitimize the counterpart.

They know that in the FARC-EP women find a space of fulfillment that we do not find anywhere else. We empower ourselves, yes, and not only because we held a weapon in our hands, but to become political subjects, with the capacity to dispute reality, to BE protagonists and to step out of the shadow. And this right has never been guaranteed to the rest of the Colombian women by the Colombian State.

They know that our practice makes other women think that everything can be different, even those that do not agree with our struggle.

They know that our path has not been perfect, that we are a movement in eternal construction and renewal, and want to convert this into a defect, rather than a virtue.

Yesterday, at the victims hearing they not only attacked Victoria but all the members of the FARC, those who lost their life in this long struggle, those in the prisons, and those in the streets and villages fulfilling the commitment we took with the society, to help providing a different environment for the country and of course, for the women of Colombia.

Indeed, we will continue resisting. On that depends our true emancipation.



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